EMMA for Peace is proud to be among the organizers of Peace Drums.

PeaceDrums is a concert spread out across the Mediterranean Sea. Thousands of drums exchange beats from coast to coast making the heartbeat into a pulse of peace at the rhythm of music.

 All together, on the 23rd of September 2017, we will make one sound resonate:


The starting point for communication will be the beach. The rhythm will take us back to the ancestral essence of life: the heartbeat. From a reverse perspective, the beach becomes the symbolic starting point for a dialogue based on the rhythm of music.
From Lampedusa to Venice, Istanbul, Smirne, Beirut, Gaza, Tel Aviv, Alexandria, Tunisia, Cyprus, Barcellona, Marseille and more.
Music will send a message of peace, bondage and friendship between people facing the same sea. The sea that will be the route for cultural exchanges like it always has.

More info on www.peacedrums.it


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