EMMA for Peace is pleased to announce its participation at the Aqdar World Summit 2021, which will take place at the Dubai Exhibition Center, on the occasion of EXPO 2020 Dubai on 24-30 October 2021. 

EMMA for Peace will curate the cultural and music program of the Aqdar Art, the artistic platform of the Summit, presenting an exclusive line up of performances:

25th October: Jazz for Peace 
Enrico Mianulli 

26th October: Brass Quintet 

27th October: Music for a better world 

Additional performances with:
Bfoory Band, Nagham Band, Abdulla Al Shamsi.

26th October: Talk on Culture and Global Citizenship with
Paolo Petrocelli (Founder, EMMA for Peace), Marshall Marcus (EUYO Secretary General),
Kelly Mathiesion (Actress and Singer), Oliver Poole (Pianist and Composer).

Moderator: Khaled Alattar (Board Member, EMMA for Peace)

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